DU Pont Scratch Repair Stick


DU PONT Pro-Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick
Bracketron Mobile Holders


Clear Formula - Works on ALL paint colors

UV Activated Clear-Coat for an Invisible Repair

Cures in Minutes

Ultra Fine Tip to Ensure Accurate Repair

Easy to Use - No Mess

Save Money on Garage Repairs


  Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to clean the scratch before using the product ?
Yes, we suggest using an automotive grade car wash to clean the scratch and make sure its dry with a microfiber cloth.


Do I need to buy a different color for each car that I have ?
No, the DuPontâ„¢ Pro-Fusion Colorâ„¢ Scratch Repair Stick works on clear coat of all cars to seal in the scratch, protecting the cars surface against rust and grime.


Will the tip of the stick go hard ?
Once your repair is completed, you must resnap the cap securely back in the place to prevent the tip from drying.


How long does the product take to dry ?
It depends on the external factors, but we recommend that you allow atleast 30 minutes.

Will the scratch go away completely ?
Depending upon the severity of the scratch, its effect will be diminished by about 70%. When viewed from a distance, the scratch will not be visible. However when viewed very closely, you may see a thin line, but of the same color as that of your car.